Mission and values

The basis for our success is captured in the five core values and our mission statement. They are fairly simple concepts that sometimes seem to be more or less obvious. The combination of these key elements, however, is far from obvious.


Our core values are: International, Innovation, Quality, Partnership and Marketing.




Increase animal productivity to help feed the world and enhance the enjoyment of green spaces


A lot of time has gone by since that very first international publication. Over that hundred-year period, we managed to exceed even our most ambitious objectives, including access to the world grass seed market, with the best partners in R&D, seed production and sales & marketing. We have great confidence in the excellent research that is carried...


The knowledge that the world’s population will grow to nine billion within a few decades puts a heavy responsibility on any company that is involved – be it directly or indirectly – in food production, water consumption and CO2 emissions. It is a responsibility that we will not evade; instead, we will respond to this demand and make a significant...


Today’s highly demanding world makes the need for quality obvious. That is why we focus exclusively on the very best. But don't just take our word for it, we are happy to let the figures speak for themselves. Our brand name stands out in the recommended variety lists across the world. So it is not surprising that Barenbrug products are used and...


Our company would never have become as big as it is without strategic alliances with partners in R&D, grass seed production and sales & marketing. We have built on our passion for grass together.




We’re a major player in our sector, and we’re very proud of that. But size is not everything. The title of this brochure and our company’s five core values tell the whole story. We have the same interests as our partners: a shared passion to get the best out of grass.