Tips for a successful grass-clover meadow

Cut the plot short before sowing the clover, so that grass needs more time for regrowth. Sow the clover seed shallowly (3 mm) in the short-cut plot with a weeding harrow or Vredo. If there are lots of bare patches in the meadow, it’s a good idea to add 10 kg of grass seed for the best results.









To develop well, the young clover plants should not be shaded by grass for more than 5 days. To make sure young clover plants get enough sunlight, we recommend harvesting a light cut after three weeks, or grazing the plot.








The plot should not be fertilised for a period after sowing clover. This causes the grass to grow a little more slowly, and gives the clover plants a head start. It’s important to add sufficient lime to the plot, so that the pH is ideal (5.5 on sandy soil, and at least 6.5 on clayey soil). This makes it easier for the clover to absorb minerals from the soil.








Clover seeds require warm soil, sufficient moisture and space to germinate, so sow your meadows with clover before 15 September.


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